nboard - The Network Dashboard

This project aims to provide a high-level overview of your network, with the capability to drill-down to find problems or indicate that a problem has been reviewed and is being worked on.

It builds upon Nagios, eluna, rrdtool and other tools that are a standard part of nearly every unix sysadmin's toolkit. It doesn't attempt to collect or store data, it merely displays data that you have already collected using other means.

A demo site is available to give you an idea of the available functionality.


The beautiful thing about Nagios is that it is adaptable to a lot of situations. This adaptability comes at a price, however, as organizations often have little or no idea how to actually use nagios, and many admins have conflicting ideas about how to work with nagios. Do you acknowledge alerts or just silence them for that service? How do I figure out what's actually going on? What are comments good for anyway?

To solve these perceived problems we wrote our own interface. We feel this interface gives us a better view over our network and allows us to actually work with nagios, not simply use it for notification purposes.

The average administrator should not find it difficult to modify nboard for their environment. It is designed to be easily customized and understandable, sometimes sacrificing elegance in favor of an easier to grok approach.


The documentation can be found in the wiki.



Zach White (zach@box.net)


Stable Release

The latest stable release is 0.6:


The latest and greatest (probably buggy) code can be found in multiple formats:

You can also clone the project with Git:

$ git clone git://github.com/zwhite/nboard